What Are the Different Options of Butt Augmentation?

What Are the Different Options of Butt Augmentation?

An increasingly large percent of women are striving for larger-sized bottoms. Various celebrities are showcasing their curvaceous bodies on television channels, and they seem to be influencing the female audience to a great extent. For this reason, natural butt enhancement techniques are becoming ragingly popular.

Amongst the numerous cosmetic procedures that are popular,butt enhancement is far ahead in the race. There are two ways for enhancing the backside; these include fat injections and silicone implants. Both these methods are effective for flaunting a voluminous butt.

  1. Fat Injections

The fat injection course entailed the removal of fat from the body and utilized for adding volume to the booty. Fat is extracted from the body parts such as lower back, abdomen, flanks, and hips; then, it is inserted around the buttocks after the purification process. Several injections are used and the fat insertion at divergent levels is carried out for facilitating the absorption of the fat. Prior to the fat being injected, liposuction is conducted for contouring of the buttocks.

  1. Butt Implants

The butt implant procedure entails making an incision in the buttocks region. The gluteus muscles are liftedfor making a pocket so the implants can be positioned and adjusted. Thereafter, the incision is sewed up.

  1. Recovery

After the fat transfers, the clients can resume work after a week: full recovery takes three weeks. The recuperation period of fat injections is shorter as compared to the silicone-based methods. For two weeks after the surgery, the clients are required to wear specialized garments for controlling the swelling. After liposuction and butt lift procedures, it is important to give the body sufficient time to recover.

Where butt implants are concerned, the clients can start walking after 2-3 days. Recovering from implants surgery is known to be more painful as compared to the fat transfers. It takes about four weeks to resume normal activities after the implantation.

  1. Side-Effects

Normally, side-effects are experienced after any surgery. In the case of fat injections and silicone implants, swelling may be experienced. Moreover, the risks of infection, bleeding are prevalent. Additional risks that are associated with implantsis the possibility of their dislocation or Slippage: In the case of transfers, there is only 30 percent likelihood of the body reabsorbing the fat.

  1. End-Result

The results of the fat injection process are permanent: it takes three months to determine the amount of fat that is reabsorbed and for gauging the results.

The results are visible immediately after the implants are inserted. However, it takes 6-8 months to get used to them.

  1. Costs

Butt augmentation methods are expensive; expenses have to be incurred for surgeon’s fee, hospital costs, and post-operative care.

You should opt for fat transfers for a well-rounded butt and implants when looking to enlarge the size of the buttocks. Silicone methods are preferred when there is not sufficient fat on the woman’s body for the relocation. It is advised to discuss the options with your practitioner and take his advice on which of the two options you should avail.

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