Duromine – a phentermine weight loss supplement

Duromine – a phentermine weight loss supplement

Duromine is a trademark of phentermine, a weight loss supplement. For the past 25 years, phentermine has been sold in New Zealand, Australia, and other Asia-Pacific countries. This drug is an appetite suppressant. Phentermine is the active ingredient and generic drug of Duromine. Phentermine is combined with a resin to make a slow release that prolongs the effects of Duromine. It was included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in the year 1991. More than 20 years, Duromine has been prescribed to the adults and teens in a short-term anti-obesity therapy. INova manufactures Duromine weight loss capsules containing 15 mg and 30 mg of active phentermine. Duromine capsules come in different strengths and they have different colors and markings. This can be easily distinguished by the boxes.

Mechanism of action

The presence of phentermine in Duromine controls hunger, cravings by stimulating the central nervous system. The active ingredient phentermine in Duromine is recommended to take along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Since phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamine it increases energy levels among users. Phentermine is a Psychostimulants affects mainly noradrenergic, dopaminergic, and partly serotonergic nervous systems. Phentermine provides a fast, powerful and prolonged anorexigenic effect by stimulating the central nervous system. The user experiences no hunger within 30-60 minutes after taking phentermine. When the doses are taken as large, the duration of anorexigenic effect may last until 24 hours. If the user possesses a prescription issued by a registered physician from Australia, the user may get the on-line refill for Duromine from any chemist.

Safety & efficiency:

Long-term clinical trials had shown that Duromine helps in achieving weight loss even in severe obesity. Based on the clinical studies results, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) concluded that Duromine creates more potential side effects. Though it causes severe side effects, the drug has been the best selling weight loss product across the globe. After the inclusion of Duromine in ARTG, Inova had received a license to sell it in Australia and all over the world. Thus the obese and overweight people above 12 years have been prescribed with Duromine. People whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than 27+ and who suffer from high blood pressure, cholesterol have been prescribed with Duromine.

Duromine Ingredients

Duromine capsules contain Phentermine, Lactosevliquid paraffin, Titanium dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Carbon black, Gelatin. The resin mixed with the phentermine to form Duromine creates a slow release effect to extend the effect of the pill throughout the day. Duromine 15mg contains Iron oxide yellow, brilliant blue FCF, and Duromine 30mg contains Iron oxide red additionally.

Recommended dosing regimen

12-16 years age people should take a Duromine 15mg capsule once daily. Patients of mature aged must go for Duromine 30mg capsule once daily. People who are above 65 years should not take Duromine. 45 mg is prescribed for individual cases as the maximum. Duromine capsules should be taken once daily before breakfast or within 2 hours after eating breakfast. It is better to take Duromine early in the day since it causes insomnia and increased energy levels. Duromine capsules should be taken along with plenty of water. Many sites are legally selling  On-line refill for Duromine.


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