How to Get the Most Out of a Physician Job Board

How to Get the Most Out of a Physician Job Board

Looking for a job as a physician is made somewhat easier by way of online job boards that curate open positions all in one place. Still, job boards can be overwhelming for the unprepared. It is also important to note that a job board is just one tool – to be used in conjunction with other tools – for finding the right position.

The challenge with physician jobs is finding one that meets your needs and expectations in a place you are willing to live. There are plenty of jobs out there, as evidenced by the ongoing physician shortage across the U.S., but not every job is right for every applicant. Therefore, the best use of the physician job board is to help focus a job search.

Here’s how to get the most out of a physician job board when looking for work:

  • Research Employers Ahead of Time

Some people apply for physician jobs based on an ‘apply now and ask later’ approach. This is not good for either the physician or the prospective employee. Job hunters will save themselves a lot of time and unnecessary frustration by researching employers prior to applying.

A little bit of reach goes a long way toward determining whether a doctor can see him/herself working for an organization. As an added benefit, having knowledge of the employer comes in handy if an application is made. How so? Medical facilities like to know during the interview process that a physician has taken enough interest in them to do some prior research.

  • Start with a Narrow Job Search

In most job sectors, the advice is to cast as wide a net as possible in order to increase your chances of getting interviews. The opposite is recommended for physician jobs. Start with a narrow job search based on criteria that are not necessarily ideal, but at least within a target range. If searching under that narrow criteria does not yield positive results, begin expanding the search.

  • Make Use of Networking Opportunities

As previously mentioned, the physician job board is just one tool to aid in your job search. It is unlikely to be the only tool you will ever use. Therefore, it is a very good idea to network with other doctors and medical facilities as you look for work. Network in person by attending local symposiums, job fairs, and so on. Network online by using social media and physician-dedicated forums.

If you can manage to make contacts inside a few local medical facilities you would not mind working for you will already have a foot in the door when you apply. Who you know is still important, even when you’re looking for work online.

  • Visit the Job Boards Daily

Lastly, be sure to visit your job boards on a daily basis. Yes, you’ll see a lot of repetition as the facilities already listed on the board go through their applicant pools to find their hires. But new positions are added to job boards so quickly that it will be hard to keep up if you don’t make a point of taking a look at them. And who knows? The perfect job you coveted may come and go without your knowledge if you don’t check in for a couple of days straight.

Physicians have a very valuable tool in the physician job board. It acts as a launching point to get the doctor started in his or her search for work. Combining a job board with other tools greatly increases a doctor’s chances of finding the job he or she is looking for.

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