Organon Deca Duroblin

Organon Deca Duroblin

Deca Duroblin is popular as the best injectable anabolic steroid available for body builders. It is highly recommended by medical practitioners and coaches. The Organon brand has a trade name for its Nandrolone product and that name is Deca Duroblin.

Its popularity is attributed to how it promotes an increase in muscle mass in a short period of time. This injectable steroid is oil based. Organon Deca Duroblin, marketed by the Organon brand, is sold in various sizes. However, the most commonly used size is 100 mg. A schedule III drug, it is a medically controlled and approved substance.

It is mainly available as an injectable substance. The drug in its oral form is not easily available and only 2.24 percent exists in the market. It has a half-life of 14 to 16 days. Thus, it can be detected in the bloodstream for up to one and a half to two years.

Benefits of Organon Deca

  • It is easy on the liver
  • It promotes gains in muscle mass and weight in the athlete injected with it
  • It has very limited weight loss properties
  • It is a very high anabolic drug with moderate androgenic efforts
  • It mildly reduces testosterone levels. Due to this testosterone supplements are often used in conjunction with Deca Duroblin.

Deca Duroblin leads to some amount of water retention in the muscles, thus increasing their size. Most benefits come from this, that it retains water. The muscle size increases and it is thus used often before contests. The gains disappear soon after the cycle as the water is released. These gains are temporary gains.

Why Deca Duroblin?

The Organon brand was used for its medical properties to increase both bone density and muscle mass. It was useful to combat a muscle wasting disease. It can produce lean muscle growth.

It also makes joints and ligaments more robust. On using for six to eight weeks, it has been observed that red blood cell production increases while joint pains (resulting from workouts) decrease.

It improves protein synthesis thus promoting muscle growth. It increases athlete’s capacity for endurance and nitrogen retention. This helps in the growth of lean muscles. Athletes often use it after intensive workouts. They also use it to mitigate effects of old injuries and debilitating pain.


The recommended dose is usually between 200mg to 400mg. It is injected into the muscle once a week, during the deca cycle of the athlete or user. Since the dosage is controlled, the side effects of increased estrogen levels are very low to nil.

Those who have used steroids for over a year are pushed into taking 250mg to 500mg of dosage per week. However, this can have visible side effects. So, it should be taken only under medical supervision.

Women should limit their usage. It is best suited for a four to seven-week cycle. Dosage should be between 50mg to 150mg per week only.

Side Effects

Since it raises bad cholesterol or LDL, it increases a risk of heart disease. It lowers HDH or the good cholesterol.  It also promotes water retention. It may increase the risk of liver disease if used incorrectly. Further, it reduces testosterone levels and it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

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