About adenovirus infection

Cases of treatment and use https://pillintrip.com/medicine/mucosolvan-sirop with symptoms of this causative agent of SARS have become more frequent.

Diagnosis in typical cases does not cause difficulties: conjunctivitis, unilateral at the beginning of the disease, plus a runny nose and cough immediately wet and fever, but not from the first day of illness.

There may also be a disorder of the stool with pain in the abdomen, since the virus also affects the intestines.

But sometimes the virus behaves aggressively and is very similar to a bacterial infection: purulent rhinosinusitis, pneumonia or otitis media.

Fever can be longer than 72 hours – up to 5-7 days.

Treatment is symptomatic – there are no effective antiviral drugs.

Conjunctivitis is indistinguishable from bacterial, so antibacterial drops are often prescribed.

Antibiotics are often prescribed, but the lack of effect within 48 hours confirms the viral nature of the disease ❗ The course can be long and undulating, since complete release from adenovirus occurs after 3 weeks.

Recovery is inevitable, although it makes you wait.