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If you have jaundice, you will have a number of tests in order to find out how severe it is and to determine the underlying cause.

Liver function and blood testing

The first tests you have will help find out whether or not your liver is functioning properly.

If the cause of your symptoms cannot be identified, you may be tested for hepatitis, and you may also have a blood test in order to evaluate the make up of your blood and to check the levels of bilirubin.

If you have jaundice, some of the tests you are likely to have include:

• hepatitis A,
• hepatitis B,
• hepatitis C,
• full blood count (fbc), and
• liver function tests (including total bilirubin).

You may also have two other tests:

• conjugated bilirubin test (bilirubin that has been taken up by the liver in order to be excreted in bile), and
• unconjugated bilirubin test (bilirubin that is circulating freely in the blood).

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