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Effective Arthritis Joint Pain Relief- whether you suffer from hip joint pain, knee joint pain, shoulder joint pain, finger joint pain or any other arthritis joint pain there is relief for your pain.

Joint pain is a common health condition and may result from one of several known causesJoint-pain-Knee-pain.jpg. Although usually the results of an injury or sprain, joint pain can results from underlying conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Joint pain is the sensation of discomfort, inflammation, soreness, achiness, or stiffness in a joint or joints of the body. Joints are the spaces or areas where two or more bones meet. Joint pain is a symptom of a wide variety of mild to serious diseases, disorders and conditions. Joint pain can result from infection, trauma, malignancy, autoimmune diseases, and other abnormal processes.

Joint pain is discomfort that arises from any joint — the point where two or more bones meet. Joint pain is sometimes called arthritis or arthralgia. Joint pain can be mild, causing some soreness each time you move your joint. Or joint pain can be severe, making it impossible to use your joint. Joint pain is rarely an emergency. Most cases of mild joint pain can be successfully managed at home.

Painazone Capsule Herbal remedy for Arthritis of all types

Joint pain is a very common problem prevailing in almost every part of this developing world. It is basically symptom and not a disease. But has eventually become a part of every bodies life especially aged people. Joint pain may also be defined as the inflammation or the bursa (a fluid filled space that provides couching to the structure of the joint) and is also known as bursitis.
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Painazone Capsule is a blend of unique herbs described in Ayurveda as best anti-inflammatory herbs. These rare herbs are nature’s answer to moderate to severe forms of inflammation, swelling and pain. Painazone Capsule contains extracts of Nirgundi, Shallaki, Guggul, Ginger, Giloy and Ashwagandha. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and control acute and chronic inflammatory reactions. Painazone Capsule is an effective herbal supplement for acute and chronic arthritis pain and inflammation.

Painazone Capsule: Joint Aid Plus is purely an herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.

Painazone Capsule : Vitex negundo is described in Ayurveda as one of the most potent natural anti-arthritic herbs. It is very effective in controlling pain and inflammation particularly in arthritis, painful joints and sciatica patients.

Painazone Capsule : Boswellia serrata is a very popular natural anti-inflammatory herb used by Ayurveda physicians all over the world. It is commonly known in India as ‘Salai Guggul’. The resin obtained from the tree is purified and then used for pain and inflammation.It relieves cervical Spondylitis and other arthritis pains naturally without causing any side effects.

Painazone Capsule : Commiphora mukul is a known anti-inflammatory agent used by Ayurveda physicians worldwide. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory action is almost immediate. Guggul is also used in weight loss formulas and is effective in reducing weight, thus it also helps osteoarthritis patients as well as cervical Spondylitis pains.

Please review the illustrations below for an overview of a joint influenced by arthritis:

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Alternative Joint Pain Capsules

Herbal Capsule for painful joints which gives pain relief within minutes. Containing 8 essential Ingredients PAINAZONE reaches your pain and ends it instantly using a deep heating action.

Highly effective for backaches, muscular sprains and joint pains. Contains Vacha (alleviates swelling), Castor (alleviates joint pains), Red Pepper (to provide relief from sprains) and Spearmint (alleviates pain and inflammation of muscles and joints)
Other Benefits:

PAINAZONE Herbal Caspule is an exclusive combination of many reputed and time-tested pain relieving herbs and ingredients. It not only treats Pains and Sprains but also takes care of Myositis, Fibrositis,Sciatica, neuromuscular pain and the pain associated with arthritis.

PURPOSE OF FORMULATION: This formulation provides numerous herbal ingredients that support your efforts to end your joint pain.

PAINAZONE is recommended for:

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  • Individuals Suffering from Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis Symptoms and Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Muscle and Joint Pain and Soreness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Overall Body Stiffness
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Injury Prevention Through the Strengthening of Joint Cartilage
  • Maintenance of Joint Lubrication
  • Easing Everyday Wear and Tear on Joints
  • Athletes Who are Involved in Intense Training Programs


  • injury to joint
  • excessive straining of the joint
  • inflammation of joint known as arthritis is another cause
  • inflammation of the tendons supporting the joint called as tendonitis
  • inflammation of the bursa known as bursitis


Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints, which results in pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited movement. There are over 100 different types of arthritis.

Arthritis involves the breakdown of cartilage. Cartilage normally protects the joint, allowing for smooth movement. Cartilage also absorbs shock when pressure is placed on the joint, like when you walk. Without the usual amount of cartilage, the bones rub together, causing pain, swelling (inflammation), and stiffness.
You may have joint inflammation for a variety of reasons, including:


Inula Helenium
87.50 mg
Zingiber Officinal
50 mg
Ricinus Communis
37.50 mg
Cedrus Deodara
12.50 mg
Tinospora Cordifolia
12.50 mg
Nigella Sativa
12.50 mg
Withania Somnifera
12.50 mg
Colchicum Luteum
12.50 mg
  • An autoimmune disease (the body attacks itself because the immune system believes a body part is foreign)
  • Broken bone
  • General “wear and tear” on joints
  • Infection (usually caused by bacteria or viruses)

Often, the inflammation goes away after the injury has healed, the disease is treated, or the infection has been cleared.
With some injuries and diseases, the inflammation does not go away or destruction results in long-term pain and deformity. When this happens, you have chronic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type and is more likely to occur as you age. You may feel it in any of your joints, but most commonly in your hips, knees or fingers. Risk factors for osteoarthritis include:

  • Being overweight
  • Previously injuring the affected joint
  • Using the affected joint in a repetitive action that puts stress on the joint (baseball players, ballet dancers, and construction workers are all at risk)
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